Christine Miyachi is both a software professional and a fitness professional.  She has been a software engineer for 30+ years and a software architect for over half of those years.  She also also been a fitness professional just as long.

Software Engineering

I am a Software Systems Engineer and Architect at Xerox Corporation and am interested in all things related to Software Design and Architecture.

I blog about Software Architecture here: The Abstract Software Architect.

I was chair of IEEE Cloud Computing.  I am current a board member with IEEE Future Directions.

I wrote a column called Community of Practice for IEEE Cloud Magazine.

Here is my MIT Master’s Thesis in System Design and Management

Here is my Final Robotics Project from the course “Embodied Intelligence”.

FastCompany Article I was quoted in.

See recordings of my various talks over the years for the MIT System Design and Management Webinars:

Linkedin Profile or resume is here.